Waste Receptacles

The quality waste receptacles are durable for any type of situation.

Restroom Products

From  Urinal Deodorizers to Fan Units Sanitation Products of America has got you covered.

Brooms, Brushes, Dustpans

When there is dust to be picked up and dirt is covering your floors, you can come to us to find the right brooms, broom handles, dust pans, and brushes for the mess.

Bucket Wringers, Sprayers, and Sponges

Sanitation Products of America carries Bucket Wringers, Floor Signs, and much more.

Mops and Mop Handles

Need help with your wet messes? Sanitation Products of America carries Mop Heads, Handles, and much more.

Vinyl/Latex/Nitrile/ Specialty Gloves

Sanitation Products of America carries gloves that are able to handle many harmful items or chemicals.


This miracle fabric cleans surfaces without cleaners or chemicals.

Floor Pads

These floor pads help you achieve the best looking floors.