These miracle microfibers clean surfaces without cleaners or chemicals! They picks up dust like a magnet. They are washable, just rinse off and dry. Make sure you pick up the right microfiber for you mess.

Specialty Products
Finish Mop Head ZE-12821 Microfiber Floor Finish Pad 18″ 12/cs
Dusting Pads ZE-12831 Microfiber Dusting Pads, 18″ 6/cs
Dusting Pads ZE-12832 Microfiber Dusting Pads, 24″ 6/cs
Dusting Pads ZE-12834 Microfiber Dusting Pads, 36″ 6/cs
Damp Mop Pad ZE-12801 Microfiber Flat Damp Mop Pad 18″ 12/cs
Scrubbing Pad ZE-12806 Microfiber Scrubbing Pad 18″ 12/cs
Mop Frame ZE-12816 Aluminum Snap-on Frame 18″ ea
Mop Frame ZE-12817 Aluminum Snap-on Frame 24″ ea
Mop Frame ZE-12819 Aluminum Snap-on Frame 36″ ea
Handle ZE-21528 Microfiber Mop Extension Handle 40″-70″ ea
Microfiber Cloth MFT16 Microfiber Cloth (Several Colors) 12/cs
Microfiber Cloth – Glass MFT16SMB Microfiber Cloth for Glass (Blue) 12/cs

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