Your kitchen hero

SUPER POWER is a super concentrated manual dish detergent designed to save time on measuring and training, while still providing unparalleled quality. Formulated to cut grease and food from pots, pans, and dishes, SUPER POWER rinses without spotting and is mild on hands, making it the best side-kick for any kitchen.

Read label and SDS before use.

Directions for use:

SUPER POWER comes in a 2 fl Oz (60 mL) easy-mix pack. Just break the seal on your pack and pour into a quart bottle or four gallon sink, fill with water and you’re ready to clean. Have a smaller bottle or sink? All CC Packs come resealable, so simply use what you need and save the rest for later.

SUPER POWER has a Lemon Scent.

Also available in gallon concentrate.