Specialty Chemicals


Assault II

Assault II, take a stand against insects and other pests. Assault II lets you take the offense against those pesky pests. Never again do you have to worry about running into those unwanted guests.

Wasp &Hornet Killer

Get rid of those unwanted visitors with Wasp and Hornet. Wasp and Hornet is a fast acting insecticidal spray that can be used indoors and outdoors with a spray range of 20 feet. Mostly targeting, wasps, hornets, yellow jackets and bees.


Wash & Wax

Wash & Wax has two purposes 1. To wash and wax cars 2. To prevent the adhering of asphalt to trucks. This multipurpose product is formulated with the perfect blend of liquid detergents and fine waxes.

Tire Bright

Protect your tires from the suns harmful rays  that can dry out and crack the rubber of tires, bumpers, rubber moldings etc. with Tire Bright. Tire Bright is an easy to use spray that is high gloss, water resistant and leaves no streaks behind.


Emerald Gold

This dish washing detergent was made with the thought of hand washing in mind. This formulation is not only easy on the hands but hard on the grease and also eco friendly meaning no harsh chemicals were used in the making of this soap.