Rock Star

Rock Star

High Gloss & Outstanding Durability

Rock Star Floor Finish is a guaranteed modified acrylic floor finisher that makes your job easier in the long run. Used on most tiles and ceramic floors, Rock Star provides an excellent gloss and a superior response to high speed burnishing that can be maintained with either conventional low-speed programs or infrequent (2-3 times a week) high speed burnishing. Rock Star is designed for use in schools, offices, churches, grocery stores, retail stores, health care and industrial sites. 

Scratch & Slip Resistant 

Rock Star is a high solids, low odor floor finish that offer scratch & slip resistance in heavy traffic areas. Rock Star is a non-yellowing and maintains excellent clear color while resisting dirt and black heel marks. 

Easy to Use 

Rock Star is easy to apply. It dries fast and saves you tons in labor costs. Up to five coats can be applied in a few hours.