Oxy-Green All Purpose Cleaner



Active Ingredients:

Hydrogen Peroxide, Alcohol Ethoxylates




1% soln: 6.5 

10%: soln: 4.5


Always Green 

Oxy-Green is an all-purpose cleaner/degreaser which is environmentally friendly and is formulated with raw materials derived from natural sustainable resources to quickly remove everyday soils and stains. It is a synergistic blend of a highly biodegradable surfactant system, stabilized hydrogen peroxide and citrus terpenes.

The Power of Peroxide 

Oxy-Green is formulated with hydrogen peroxide, which reacts with organic stains and odors breaking them down & neutralizing.

For All Your Purposes 

Oxy-Green is made to be a versatile all-purpose cleaner that has the ability to clean different types of surfaces and soils. It effectively cleans windows, floors, walls, carpet, restrooms, kitchens, tile, and grout.


4/1 Gallon