OdoZap™ is a fast acting odor eliminator that instantly neutralizes malodors from –
smoke • waste • vomit • urine • feces • diaper pails • garbage cans • shoes • gym bags • fabric • laundry • carpets • cooking • mold • mildew • pets • kennels • & more!

OdoZap™ can be used in a wide range of cleaning or spray applications such as –
• mop bucket • floor scrubbers • carpet extractor • laundry • foggers• trigger sprayers

OdoZap™ lasts longer than any other odor eliminator. It’s gentle water-based formula is environmentally friendly. *Always pre-test for color fastness in an inconspicuous area before use. Refer to safety precautions on the side panel. Also refer to SDS for additional safety information.

Directions: Remove odor source or spill before treating with OdoZap™. Recommended dilution varies with the strength and source of odor. Use dilution chart below for starting guide. Spray directly on the odor source. Adjust strength of treating solution as necessary.

Scents: Lavender and Fresh & Clean