Green Star

Shiny, Durable, & Green 

Looking to add extra shine to your floors and stay green? Get Green Star. With high put-down gloss, Green Star will make your floors glisten. Green Star is durable and withstands scratches and scuff marks.

Advanced Formula That Goes on Easy 

Green Star Floor Finish is made with the latest zinc-free technology. It spreads easily on floors. Lay it down using a nylon mop or flat microfiber mop system. Any other system/method that you currently use for your conventional floor finish, can also be used to apply Green Star on your floors.

Quick Drying & Easy to Maintain 

Green Star dries quickly and evenly. Green Star Floor Finish is low maintenance. It can be maintained with conventional low speed mop/recoat program. It responds very well to the high speed burnishing without powdering.

Removal is Simpler 

Removing a floor finish can be difficult and time consuming. Green Star does not contain any zinc. It is easy-to-strip using low odor green ODOFREE stripper or any other conventional floor stripper you use.