Greasol is a powerful line of degreasers that removes a wide spectrum of soils.

Works with Maxxol


Greasol 7

Greasol 7 is a powerful degreaser that removes a wide spectrum of soils. Greasol 7 emulsifies lubricants, tar, petroleum grease, animal fats, proteins, vegetable oils, soap scum, and more. Its foaming property provides extended contact time, ensuring complete removal of even the toughest grease.


Greasol 21

Greasol 21 is a heavy duty degreaser that emulsifies heavy petroleum grease, oils, lubricants, tar, fats, soap scum, black heel marks, inks, shop dirt, carbon deposits, adhesives, and more. 

It is an excellent engine degreaser, oven cleaner, floor stripper, steam cleaner and tire wall cleaner. 

It is a very effective laundry pre-spotter. It contains no harsh abrasives.