Dazzling Clean

GLAZZLE™ is a super concentrated glass cleaner. Table tops, windows or doors, GLAZZLE™ leaves your surfaces streak-free and spotless, be they glass, tile, stainless steel, chrome, plastic or formica.

Read label and SDS before use.

Directions for use:

GLAZZLE™ comes in a 1 fl Oz (30 mL) pack that dilutes out to a quart of glass cleaner. Simply break the seal on your CC Pack, pour into a quart bottle of your choice, and fill with water. Have a bottle smaller than a quart? Use what you need and store the rest, all CC Packs come in resealable pouches, small enough to comfortably store without crowding.

To use, clear the surface of any visible dust or dirt, spray GLAZZLE™ and wipe dry with a clean cloth.

GLAZZLE™ has an Ocean Scent.

Also available in gallon concentrate.