Floor Care


PB Free

PB Free is an aggressive low odor non-ammoniated wax stripper.

Ultra Bright

Ultra Bright is a floor finish that is based on the latest metal-free technology. It has a hard acrylic formulation. providing very high put-down gloss and good durability.


Classic Plus

Classic Plus is a metal-crosslinked, modified acrylic floor finish that provides excellent lay down gloss and superior response to high speed burnishing.


Eraser Floor Finish is formulated for use with or without scrubbing machines.



Eradicator is one of the few no rinse floor finish remover that Sanitation Products of America sells.


Syntheso is a neutral cleaner concentrate that is used for all surfaces. It contains no abrasive ingredients and works well in hard water.


Strip Easy

Strip Easy is a high performance, low odor, non-corrosive, ammonia free wax and finish remover formulated for use with or without scrubbing machine.

Rock Star

Rock Star is designed for use in schools, offices, churches, grocery stores, retail stores, health care and industrial sites.