Shark Attack


Shark Attack Organic

Shark Attack Organic is an all new multipurpose restroom cleaner. Its biodegradable formula allows for a lower level of impact on the environment while still keeping your restroom looking brand new. Its gentler build up makes it an ideal replacement for harsh acidic cleaners.

With its pleasant aroma and biodegradable formula Shark Attack Organic removes the toughest of stains. It removes soap scum, rust, and hard water stains. Shark Attack Organic also acts as a bowl, tile, and grout cleaner for those pesky, unavoidable restroom stains.

This product is produced and manufactured in the USA.


Shark Attack


Shark Attack is the first of its kind to provide a powerful mutlipurpose cleaner.

Its strength allows you to remove soap scum, and hard water stains. Cleaning bowls, tile, and grout have never been easier. Shark Attack also acts as a drain opener for most type of drainage needs. Its pleasant aroma will leave your restroom looking and smelling brand new.

Shark Attack is one of the fastest selling restroom cleaners on the market and can easily replace the shelves of products you have.