Sanitation University

In today's world, organizations cannot afford to take a chance when it comes to cleanliness & good sanitation!

Cleaning has become a primary weapon in the fight against emerging public health threats. The focus has shifted from "cleaning for appearance" to "cleaning for health".


To meet this need, Sanitation Products of America has created basic and advanced training programs in Sanitation.

These training programs cover different aspects of cleaning (basics of cleaning, green cleaning, disinfecting to OSHA site requirements, floor care, carpet care, equipment maintenance and more.)

Certified Sanitation Professional (CSP)
Created by representatives from the cleaning industry and facilities management, the CSP program offers basic and advanced "hands-on" training to people responsible for everyday sanitation and maintenance of a site.

Upon completion, a CSP will be prepared to improve the cleaning efficiency, advance the organization's sanitation program, achieve budget objectives while meeting cleaning goals, and improve the overall environment.

It's All About Saving Money!
Ultimately, the CSP program is all about saving money. By implementing an effective training and green cleaning program, organizations are positioned to improve operational efficiency and better serve their customers, which naturally leads to increase in revenue and/or cost savings.

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