Floor Pads, Bucket Wringers, and Sprayers

Contained here is a list of floor pads, bucket wringers, and a large of other related products. Whether you are cleaning/stripping the floor, disinfecting surfaces, or just looking for a replacement item, Sanitation Products of America has you covered.

Floor Pads, Bucket Wringers, and Sprayers
Floor Sign UNS 26Floorsign Wet Floor Sign ea
Plunger IMP 9200 Industrial Professional Plunger ea
Floor Pad 20BK 20″ Black – Stripping (175-350 RPM) 5/cs
Floor Pad 20BK-Razor 20″ Black – Stripping (175-350 RPM) – Aggressive, HP 5/cs
Floor Pad 20GR 20″ Green – Scrubbing (upto 350 RPM) 5/cs
Floor Pad 20BL 20″ Blue – Cleaning (175-350 RPM) 5/cs
Floor Pad 20PE 20″ Porko Elite / Hair Pad – Burnishing (upto 3000 RPM) 5/cs
Floor Pad 20RD 20′ Red – Buffing (upto 800 RPM) 5/cs
Floor Pad 20WH 20″ White – Polish (upto 1000 RPM) 5/cs
Floor Pad 20-DR 20″ Dragon Strip Pad – Chemical Free!! 10/cs
Brush Pad RUFF PAD 20″ Green Brush Pad for Grout Cleaning, 4/cs 4/cs
Bucket Wringer RCP-7590-88 35-quart Bucket, Sieve Wringer ea
Bucket Wringer RCP-7580-88 35-quart Bucket, Side Press Wringer ea
Bucket Wringer RCP-7588-88 35-quart Bucket, Side Press Wringer (B/R/G) ea
Bucket Wringer RCP-7577-88 35-quart Bucket, Down Press Wringer ea
Bucket Wringer RR-Combo 35-quart Bucket, Side Press Wringer ea
Bucket Wringer 335-312 Continental, 35 Qt Side Press Mop BW w/Splash Guard ea
Flat Wring Bucket RCP-Q900-88 Flat Mop Bucket w/ Sieve ea
Charging Bucket RCP Q950-88 Microfiber Charging Bucket ea
Janitor Cart RCP 6173-88 BLA Janitor Cart, 3 shelves, 25-gal Vinyl Waste Bag ea
Spray Bottle 120125  Empty Quart Bottle 32 Oz ea
Sprayer 110248 Trigger Sprayer – Green ea
Sprayer – Chem Res 110542 Trigger Sprayer – Chemical Resistant ea
Pad – Pink PAD CS1A Cellulose Sponge, Pink, 3 3/5 x 6 1/2, 9/10″ Thick 24/cs
Pad – Medium Duty PAD 174 Scrubbing Sponge, 3 5/8 x 6 1/4, Sponge + Nylon Scrub 20/cs
Pad – Heavy Duty PAD 186 Scrubbing Pad, 6 x 9, Green, Hvy Duty 15/cs
Pumice Stick PUM 12 Pumie Scouring Stick 12/cs
Hand Pump AE-218512 Hand Pump for 1 Gallon Container ea

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